Why You Should Be On The Next Antarctica Yacht Charter ?


Do you long for the infinite beauty and the breathtaking sights of the northern hemisphere? A cruise to Antarctica is the real deal and. The Antartica yacht charter provides an ultimate experience and a chance to see the very best of the white continent comfortably, safely and stylishly.

Thousands of travelers have trusted Antarctica yacht with their lives and have received a memorable adventure and tour to Antarctica. The experts give you the perfect cruise yacht and out of this world travel experience.

This is a chance in a lifetime that allows you to travel to the fascinating and fragile landscape. This is a dream destination for most people and a chance to see amazing wildlife, towering icebergs and mountains.

Every year, over 20,000 people visit Antarctica. The white continent has many attractions that will leave you telling tales for a lifetime. Cruising on Antarctica yacht charter is a popular choice for most tourists.

Size of the Antarctica yacht matters

Every year at least 50 cruise ships visit the white continent, all different in sizes. There are tiny expedition ships that accommodate about 25 guests and the large cruise ships accommodating over 1000 guests.

Antarctica experience

Sailing around the various islands and the Antarctica peninsula allows you to see wildlife and breathtaking views from the decks. The cruise yacht offers an excellent overview. At one point you can step on the continent when it’s safe.

This is a lifetime-voyage experience full with exceptional onboard amenities and food varieties. You stay in comfortable cabins, enjoy great drinks, and relax in spectacular common areas.

The yacht has plenty of kayaks and inflatable boats for on land expedition. This ensures you don’t miss a thing and have something to tell your kids and grandkids.

Timing of your cruise is vital

While Antarctica yacht charter provides amazing experience, different dates offer different experiences. For example, it snows a lot in November to December and penguins are on their nests.

In January to February, you mostly see baby penguins and towards the end the weather is warmer. Few cruise ships sail past the Arctic cycle and cross the famous Northwest passage that link Alaska to the northern Atlantic. Some even cross the northeast passage linking the Pacific ocean to Norway.

Enjoy fantastic Antarctica exercise experience

Guests have access to exercise equipment and saunas to keep them fit ashore. It’s truly something unique and you can take a video of it all. Larger Antarctica yacht charters have outdoor walking tracks and promenade decks ideal for guest exercising.

Going swimming in Antarctica

Antarctica yacht charter offer guests an opportunity to take a swim in the blue waters of Antarctica. Pack your swimsuit and enjoy the northern experience of the hardcore, thick-blooded swim in the icy waters.

The icy waters are at freezing temperatures and dipping yourself for a few seconds will be something worth retelling to your loved ones. Cruises offer guests a swimming opportunity in every stop. Some ports have warmer waters because of the volcanic activity.

Plus, you get a certificate and photos that you can share with your family and friends.

Kayaking in calm Antarctica waters

Kayaking is a fun activity that guests love and indulge in the coastal waters. Coastal waters are calm and give guests an opportunity to see seals, penguins, whales, and other wildlife up-close.

Guests get appropriate outdoor outfits when kayaking to keep warm. Most cruises are during Austral summer. Still, you need warm boots and waterproof jackets. Other essential clothing are gloves, hat, and long underwear if you are riding ashore.

Get a breathtaking sight of Antarctica wildlife

Onboard your Antarctica yacht charter, you get a breathtaking sight of wildlife and northern hemisphere experience. Penguins are cuter up-close and Antarctica gives you the unique chance to see them on the snow.

Antarctica has six penguin species, and they all look beautiful in this environment. They are the five-star wildlife of Antarctica expedition.

However, you get to see different seal varieties mostly lying in the sun or seen stretched out on the icebergs.

Travelers always look forward to watching giant whales cruising ashore.

Giant magnificent icebergs

These massive icebergs are bigger than TV or pictures depict them. Some are several stories tall

Why choose Antarctica yacht charter?

You get a unique experience and chance to see breathtaking and magnificent scenery of the arctic cycle and Antarctica wildlife. The yacht is comfy, relaxing, and has different food varieties and leisure boats for coastal expedition. Plus, guests enjoy exceptional amenities including exercising area, and a relaxing, spacious top deck. Book your cruise and enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the white continent.